Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

My name is Andreas Bork. I was born in 1969 and already during school years I developed serious interest in electronics, remote control, amateur radio and computer. That helped to confirm a decision to study electronics (Elektrotechnik) and finally led to a focus on “HF technology” (Hochfrequenztechnik).

However, during those days in the 1990’s modern (ultra-) high frequency circuits (what you have to develop nowadays to make a living…) seemed like voodoo to me. Classic HF you can understand, on GHz frequencies there seemed to be so many glitches and special effects, hard to understand, and likely not the right thing for me.

That made me switch over into embedded software development and to my first employer which was AEG Mobile Communications, at times where parts of AEG had already been merged to the Daimler-Chrysler AG (which doesn’t exist like that any more today).

The first products I got in touch with with and that had to live with software parts made by me where the AEG Telecar D 902 and the Teleport TP9020.

side-note: in case you’re interested in old radio technology (much older than above), you may want to follow another hobby of mine with the Schwaben Tech Park and its virtual museum.

Work raised and nurtured my interest in embedded software, and it hasn’t died ever sine.

Several years and employers later, today I work for a company named Liebherr. My employer develops and manufactures hydraulic excavators, dumpers and tools for excavators. For Germans, the brand Liebherr is pretty popular, and in Europe we have a pretty good position in the earthmoving machinery market.

Somewhere along the way the interest in amateur radio came back, and I got in touch with a local amateur radio club in my hometown Ulm. At the time there was an offer to attend a amateur radio license training, which was free (meaning no cost except time, and that’s important to Southern Germans :-)) and lots of fun!

In 2016 I got my license and a call sign which matches just fine for me: DM4AB

Ever since I’ve always been an active member to my local DARC club P14 (quite a bunch of nice, experienced, honest and helpful folks there!).

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