Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Contests I do from my home and my workshop, which then functions as my shack but for many other purposes and hobbies at other times. Most of the times my amateur radio operations are stationary-mobile or portable, so a reliable power supply is a matter of high relevance!

Home-built LiFePo battery pack 20Ah (4S1P)

This was my first easily portable battery. Built with four automotive battery cells in series, the images belowmay provide as an idea about the details. There is no battery management system (BMS) in this pack. My standard transceiver (IC-7300) stops working before the battery drain gets critical, and for charging there is a good charger with balancer at home.

Being afraid of damaging the cells by soldering, I connected them using 3D-printed parallel clamps (see images, the black parts) which also connect the balacer ports.

There are power interface with banana jacks and powerpole connectors.

  • battery pack in house-ware case

Re-built battery LiFePo battery pack 28Ah (4S8P)

This started as a cheap purchase from a surplus dealer for a few bucks, but revealed to be a fully functional battery pack. The original shrink-wrap got replaced with tape, and I added a handle to ease portable use.

Banana-jacks may still get added one day.

  • the cubic pack with power and balancer connection

Lead-acid batteries with solar charging at “Schrebergarten”

(not yet documented)